Vietnam merger control guide

By Linh Bui, Carolyn Oddie, Ha Nguyen
Mergers & Acquisitions Vietnam

New regime expands scope of transactions

Vietnam’s new merger control regime took effect from 15 May 2020. The new regime substantially expands the scope of transactions subject to the merger filing requirement and thereby captures more M&A transactions in Vietnam and offshore.

In this guide, we set out a high-level summary of the new regime and discuss some frequently asked questions in relation to its implementation.


Covered in the the guide

  1. Transactions caught by the Vietnam merger control regime - different types of economic concentrations and what they include in more detail
  2. Merger filing thresholds and calculation - the thresholds that need to be met in order for an economic concentration to be notifiable 
  3. Merger filing formalities 
  4. Two-phase review process 
    • the preliminary appraisal; and 
    • the official appraisal 
  5. Penalties, remedies and enforcement - the administrative sanction and other remedies that are available for breachers of merger control regulations