Propelling city growth

How are demographics shaping our city?

This scenario requires re-configuring the metropolitan area of Melbourne - could a multi-hub city be the answer? And what would need to be done? David Donnelly, Head of Infrastructure & Transport, Allens talks to Bernard Salt, Managing Director, The Demographics Group about how to achieve a bigger, better Melbourne.


Key themes and challenges facing infrastructure investments in Australia

David Donnelly, Head of Infrastructure & Transport, recently took the hot seat with Adrian Dwyer, CEO, Infrastructure Partnerships Australia (IPA), to discuss key themes and challenges in the infrastructure sector. The conversation is driven from key findings of IPA's annual Australian Infrastructure Investment Report, which is a gauge of the investment appetite, challenges and potential stimulus for infrastructure investment in Australia.

In Conversation: Australia's Infrastructure Investment Themes and Challenges

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Solutions to help Australia close its social infrastructure gap

From origination to end-of-life, there is an urgent need to deliver better quality social infrastructure. The challenge for the sector is to become more efficient and more creative in an environment of political uncertainty and unprecedented demand. Success requires collaboration, innovation and drive.

Time to act on Australia's social infrastructure deficit: four steps to address the increasing shortfall

Change is crucial to meeting Australia's growing social infrastructure needs. Estimates of the infrastructure deficit in Australia range from $300 billion to $770 billion. The deficit is large. Even if we were to take the smaller of these estimates and assume that a mere 10 per cent represented the need for additional social infrastructure, we would still find that the current $13.3 billion pipeline is not large enough. + Learn more

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