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Insight 30 Apr 2020

Two important developments have unfolded over the past week. The InIP editors report ...

Federal Court closes the tap on Urban Ale trade mark
Insight 30 Apr 2020

In an attempt to sue La Sirène for trade mark infringement, Urban Alley Brewery lost the registration rights to its 'Urban Ale' trade mark, for lack of distinctiveness. We explore how attempting to enforce its trade mark registration rights backfired for Urban Alley. ...

No relief from pain for Maxigesic claims
Insight 30 Apr 2020

AFT Pharmaceuticals (AU) Pty Limited v Reckitt Benckiser (Australia) Pty Limited [2020] FCAFC 45 serves as an important reminder of the risks of comparative advertising and the need for adequate scientific foundations to support representations claiming to be based in science. ...

Video: Startup funding, exits and investment: insights from Jon Medved, Founder and CEO, OurCrowd
Insight 26 Jul 2018

Access to funding has long been the missing link in the development of startups in Australia The Australian startup industry has grown significantly over the past few years as capital has become more available Alternative funding options including crowdfunding give startups more options than ever ...

Australian investor wins big at ICSID
Insight 24 Jul 2019

At ICSID, Australian's investor wins big. ...

Insolvency reforms to support small business
Insight 24 Sep 2020

The Commonwealth government announced a package of reforms directed at streamlining insolvency processes for small business. Our analysis on the issue from our insolvency and restructuring experts. ...

ACCC Electricity Supply and Prices Inquiry
Insight 07 Jul 2019

Concerns over rising electricity prices and market concentration within the National Electricity Market led to the ACCC being tasked with investigating the competitiveness of retail electricity prices and supply. ...

Backing up the backups - a practical guide to cyber insurance
Insight 03 May 2018

A common complaint from industry is that cyber insurance products are complicated unclear difficult to compare and have carve-outs that you could drive a monster truck through The cyber insurance market in Australia is advancing rapidly but is still immature compared with such jurisdictions as the ...

Code breakers - Australian Government flags forced decryption reforms
Insight 03 May 2018

The Australian Government continues to stoke controversy with its mooted reforms to encryption laws which would seek to provide law enforcement agencies with access to encrypted communications and information While little detail as to the shape that the reforms will ultimately take has been provided ...

Five things you didn't know about the NDB Scheme
Insight 21 Feb 2018

Five things you didnt know about the NDB Scheme ...