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Dispute Resolution Boards: appointing DRB members and encouraging the diverse next generation of board members
Insight 09 Mar 2023

In this Insight, we discuss the contractual structure governing the appointment of DRB members, how members are usually appointed, and possible modifications to the appointment process to reduce barriers for new entrants and increase the diversity of candidate pools and, consequently, DRBs. ...

Navigating the big issues of 2023
Insight 06 Mar 2023

During the recent webinar: 'Navigating the key issues of 2023', the team identified and discussed key issues facing both the Australian economy and policymakers in 2023. ...

Construction project risk-management strategies in a challenging market
Insight 07 Dec 2022

Disputes will always be a key risk to be managed on major projects. Now, though, principals and contractors must also grapple with decades-high inflation rates and the ongoing impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic and the Ukraine war. ...

WA Government announces changes to Market-led Proposal policy
Insight 29 Nov 2022

The Western Australian Government has announced changes to its Market-led Proposals (MLP) policy to improve timeframes, accountability and expectations surrounding the policy and lead agencies. ...

Tesseract v Pascale - a welcome default position on proportionate liability in arbitration
Insight 23 Nov 2022

Whether proportionate liability regimes found in State and Commonwealth legislation can apply in arbitration has long been a vexed issue. ...

Have your say in proposed NSW building reforms
Insight 07 Nov 2022

The NSW Government has taken another significant step in its 'Construct NSW' building and construction industry reforms. The draft legislation is wide ranging in scope and will impact those operating in the commercial and residential construction space. In this Insight, we explain some of the key proposed areas of reform. ...

The resurrection of rise and fall mechanisms in infrastructure contracts
Insight 06 Oct 2022

Against the backdrop of the war in Ukraine, ongoing supply chain challenges associated with COVID-19 and a red-hot infrastructure market, 2022 was the year that Australian contractors firmly rejected the traditional approach to input cost risk allocation. ...

Australian Infrastructure Investment report 2022
Insight 28 Sep 2022

Australia’s mature and stable market has maintained investor confidence and continues to be a leading destination for investment. However, investors face a range of challenges, particularly supply chain constraints and economic instability, due to rising inflation and higher costs of borrowing. ...