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Global ESG themes shaping the Australian legal outlook
Insight 02 Feb 2022

2022 will provide a practical demonstration of the appetite for ESG-led change that governments, major corporates and financial institutions all have, and how far this will feed into smaller businesses and everyday life. We explore key ESG themes shaping the legal outlook for businesses in 2022. ...

Linklaters Insights: Anti-bribery and corruption law and enforcement across the globe
Insight 06 Dec 2021

An understanding of the global reach of anti-bribery and corruption regulation, as well as the application of it within a specific jurisdiction, is key to managing risk for today’s international businesses. ...

What does COP26 mean for Australian business?
Insight 02 Dec 2021

The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) recently concluded its 26th Conference of Parties to the Paris Agreement (COP26) in Glasgow, which placed a major spotlight on climate issues. Together with the Glasgow Climate Pact, a suite of announcements signal important changes and opportunities. In this Insight we unpack some of the key outcomes from COP26 and what they mean for Australian businesses. ...

A tale of two OAIC investigations – privacy implications for the use of facial recognition technology
Insight 23 Nov 2021

Determinations issued by the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (OAIC) following two recent investigations against 7-Eleven and Clearview AI, reinforce a global trend of growing regulatory scrutiny of the use of facial recognition technology by private sector organisations, and follows Facebook's recent decision to shut down its facial recognition system. ...

High Court ruling that 'backpacker tax' is discriminatory invites consideration of other potentially disapplied discriminatory tax provisions
Insight 18 Nov 2021

In the recent decision of Addy v Commissioner of Taxation, the High Court ruled that the so-called 'backpacker tax' contravened the non-discrimination article contained in the double tax agreement between Australia and the United Kingdom (UK). ...

Emerging ESG disputes risks and key mitigation strategies
Insight 16 Nov 2021

Pressure is emerging from multiple angles – regulation, investors, employees and communities – to have a proactive approach to ESG issues. In this Insight, we highlight current trends in ESG disputes and outline the key strategies companies should be implementing right now to mitigate ESG disputes risk. ...

The growing importance of ESG due diligence
Insight 16 Nov 2021

Environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues are a major focus of many companies, their stakeholders and regulators. Companies are exploring how to embrace the opportunities that may arise from a well-executed ESG strategy and navigate the risks that ESG issues present, particularly in a period of evolving laws and standards, stakeholder expectations and shareholder activism. ...

What strategies should you implement to mitigate ESG disputes risk?
Insight 16 Nov 2021

We are seeing an upward trend in disputes exposure for companies across the ESG remedy ecosystem. And not just about climate change. In this video, our cross-sector experts outline current trends and the different types of ESG disputes that could arise both now and in the future; discuss potential causes of action and allegations; and provide the top five strategies you can implement right now to mitigate your ESG disputes risk. ...

What is ESG diligence and why is it relevant?
Insight 16 Nov 2021

A company's ESG credentials can have a material impact on its long-term performance and valuation. In this video, our cross-sector experts provide the real and potential ESG due diligence traps for organisations; highlight best practices for ESG diligence on investments and acquisitions; and outline some thoughts on steps to be taking once the deal is done.   ...

How to embed ESG best practice
Insight 16 Nov 2021

How an organisation defines and measures success in the coming decade will be inextricably linked to its Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) performance. In this Video, our cross-sector experts provide: a top-line summary of ESG principles, who does this affect, and the key priorities business should be focussing on now to get their ESG agenda right. ...