Environment, Social, Governance

Environmental, social and governance (ESG) considerations are no longer an optional agenda item.

They are pivotal factors in corporate strategy, growth, and meeting the standards of shareholders, investors and employees alike. Coupled with the global cascade of standardisation projects underway, adopting an ESG-driven policy should now be front of mind for every organisation and its board. 

ESG commitments, in particular, are increasingly falling under the spotlight. It is essential that all organisations improve their strategy, disclosure and compliance around ESG factors to meet this rising pressure from investors, regulators and society in general.

How we can help 

While broadly defined, the components of ESG are rapidly shifting into sharper focus. Our ESG team has a robust understanding of the regulatory and policy drivers of the market, and extensive experience across a wide range of sectors and contexts.

We take a holistic approach to assessing and engaging the broad range of ESG risk and compliance – from climate change and resource efficiency, human rights and community engagement, to anti-bribery and corruption, transparency and disclosure, product governance, and risk management more generally.

We help clients embed best practice risk and compliance frameworks and governance that are flexible enough to evolve in line with shifting ESG standards and stakeholder expectations, and can equip them with the right foresight, specialist knowledge and processes to manage exposures to risk and create sustainable value.





Our ESG services

Stakeholder expectations and shareholder activism on ESG issues have increased in recent years, and will continue to do so. It is now clear that having leading ESG commitments and practices that are embedded in a company's structures and processes is a real asset and can lead to substantial success. However, failure to have a strong ESG approach or deficiencies in an ESG approach can have significant commercial, operational and reputational consequences.

Climate Change

Explore the physical and transitional risks associated with adjusting towards a lower-carbon economy, such as regulatory changes or shifts in investor behaviour that may impact a company's business and future prospects.

Business & Human Rights

Explore how, in the last decade, the business and human rights space has seen immense movement at both domestic and international levels and the risks this creates.

Environment & Planning

Explore how to comply with environmental liability and pollution laws, including across a range of specialist areas: native title, heritage and endangered species requirements and compliance with environmental impact statements.

Risk & Compliance Advisory

Commitment to align with ESG-related international laws and standards presents a two-step approach. First, ensuring that the expected standard is set through the policies. Second, having systems and a culture in place that leads people in a business to use best practice standards as part of their everyday operations. A shared understanding of these expectations and infusing them into every part of the business will set the tone of a risk and compliance culture.

Head Office & Governance

Setting out the parameters for embedding a strong ESG culture across an organisation is key. Ensuring there is a clear framework, accountability and transparency for ESG management and decision-making is key. Stakeholder engagement and external reporting in particular are increasingly pinned to these best practice standards.

Data & Privacy

All organisations create, collect and use a multitude of different types of data. Information is perhaps the single most important asset for organisations as they continue to innovate and grow.

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