Contract Assist

Organisations are under cost and time pressure to create routine transaction contracts quickly and accurately.

Ensuring that transaction details are aligned with up-to-date registered company information or details of organisations can be time-consuming work and prone to error.

Organisations that are required to create large volumes of documents in short periods often have to carefully balance speed against accuracy, all while working under tight budget constraints.

How we can help

Contract Assist means our clients need no longer make a choice, instead allowing them to create their contracts both swiftly and accurately. The solution blends the legal expertise of our lawyers and the technical expertise of our product developers, together with cutting-edge automation technology. 

Organisations generate their own contracts by completing a guided questionnaire based on best-practice legal precedents for specific financial transaction documents that our clients know they can rely on. Supported by the latest legal design theory, the contracts are created accurately, consistently and efficiently, and are enforceable by law. 

For more complex documents, Contract Assist automatically sends instructions to Allens, streamlining the instruction process. Instructions are stored on the platform, together with supporting documentation—minimising back-and-forth communications and facilitating increased responsiveness and cost control.

The benefits for your business

Easy to set up, use and manage

Contract Assist is a completely integrated solution, from initial precedent review to a working system. The solution allows organisations to monitor the progress of legal work in real time, and provides you with visibility of your entire contract portfolio.

Improving consistency of documents and reducing risk

Based on best practice legal precedents, business users complete a guided questionnaire that includes 'built-in' legal decision-making. The questionnaire leverages a database of pre-vetted organisation data to auto-populate details—reducing both the amount of manual input required and the risk of human error. 

Our solutions are devised using the latest legal design theory to ensure contracts are created accurately, consistently and efficiently, and are enforceable by law.

Reducing workloads and empowering organisations

By enabling the creation of legal documents on a self-serve basis, Contract Assist reduces in-house teams' workloads and helps to ensure that lawyers' time is spent on only the most complex contracts.

Coupled with this, Contract Assist provides visibility of an organisation's entire lending portfolio and corresponding securities, and allows reporting on a range of metrics.

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