Digital Transformation

Supporting your vision for digital transformation 

The ability to thrive in an increasingly digital world is not just a matter of creating a competitive advantage, it is critical to survival. This is especially the case as companies rapidly adapt their business models and operational processes to manage a dispersed workforce and customer base. 

Leading organisations are transforming in many ways – from updates to technology and processes to better support a digital environment, to whole-of-business transformation projects which reshape the way organisations identify opportunities and interact with their customers, people, processes and data.

All of this activity sits within a broader legal and regulatory landscape that is increasingly focused on the implementation of technology and the use and commercialisation of data.

From vision to reality

Navigating and leveraging the legal, regulatory and commercial landscape is key to executing any transformative strategy. Each stage of digital transformation is shaped in some way by this landscape: requirements are evolving quickly and are impacted by both global and local trends.

Once organisations have defined their digital vision, we can help to turn that vision to reality.

webpage-DT-diagram_nopad_1.jpgReimagine digital customer experience

  • Digitise customer journeys and relationships
  • Personalise customer services
  • Support via chat bots and AI


webpage-DT-diagram_nopad_13.jpgTransform or optimise existing process

  • Digitise back end infrastructure and services
  • Implement technology to automate and digitise
  • Implement technology to change the way people, processes and business units work
  • Design commercial arrangements that create and capture value with all your innovation partners 

webpage-DT-diagram_nopad_12.jpgDrive strategic growth

  • Identify new products, services, opportunities and markets
  • Invest and partner to nurture disruptive technologies
  • Develop data and AI governance processes
  • Establish effective governance and guardrails for good project management (ie for procurement, partnerships or investments)

webpage-DT-diagram_nopad_14.jpgUnlock data value

  • Execute a data strategy
  • Enable sharing of data and insights
  • Minimise risk (cybersecurity and operational resilience)

How we can help

Wherever you are on your digital transformation journey, the Allens team has the experience and expertise to support you. Our deep knowledge of the legal, regulatory and commercial environment informs everything we do and is central to how we deliver for our clients. Our digital transformation services include:

Transforming or optimising existing processes

How we can help?

Our team can:

  • identify key legal risks and gaps in existing processes to be addressed in your transformation;
  • design commercial arrangements that create and capture value with all your innovation partners (ethical, sustainable, long term); and
  • assist in managing and allocating risk which arises in major transformation projects.
Navigating and leveraging the regulatory environment

How we can help?

Our team can:

  • advise on the regulatory considerations and engagements with regulators that impact a digital transformation (ie data and privacy regulation, consumer and competition law, general corporations law, sector-specific regulation); and 
  • advise on operating within permissive regimes to create value or new services.
Driving strategic growth

How we can help?

Our team can:

  • negotiate strategic investments and partnerships, particularly where these provide access to products and services that can drive digital transformation by expanding or accompanying existing systems or platforms;
  • advise on the procurement of technologies and skills, from traditional procurement and implementation of off-the-shelf products, to agile co-development of new technology and processes;
  • design the guardrails and governance arrangements to keep your digital transformation on track in a way that is sensitive to the phases, project streams, complexities and multitude of stakeholders involved; and
  • advise on the procurement of necessary technologies and skills, ranging from traditional procurement and implementation of off-the-shelf products to agile co-development of new technology and processes.
Unlocking data value

How we can help?

Our team can:

  • design fit-for-purpose legal frameworks and data governance around data products and data exchange arrangements to help you leverage or enrich the value in your data in a compliant manner.