We are committed to knowing our clients, understanding their business needs and collaborating to find solutions that meet their needs.

Each client is unique, so the way we provide advice isn't 'one size fits all'. We recognise that a great solution will vary, depending on the focus of your business, the sector you work in, and the unique challenges you face.

An Integrated and Multidisciplinary Approach

Innovation often happens at the intersection of 'technology', 'people' and 'process' – we work with our clients to decide the right combination for them.

We don't outsource our alternative services. Instead we have an in-house team of more than 70 specialists across a variety of disciplines, that work together with our legal teams, and directly with our clients to design and deliver the most effective and efficient tailored solutions. Read more about our alternative legal services.

At the frontier of new law and innovation

For some time now we've been experimenting, testing and refining new technologies and processes, so that we can guarantee our clients access to the latest and leading solutions that will meet their needs now and into the future. Through our in-house LawLab, this allows us to continually test what is in the market, embrace that which we see as leading and work with developers to refine its application, and evolve our offering to clients.

Importantly, it's a way for people from all parts of the firm to be hands on with emerging technology and products and to work with them under our own roof, so that we not only adopt new technology and process, but lead that evolution. At any given time, people from across the firm from our legal and corporate services teams can be found working on the development and application of new technology and process, or exploring altogether new solutions for the benefit of our clients.

Collaboration and Customisation

Given the success of the technology and solutions we've been testing and refining, together with the growing client appetite to trial new ways of working, we are actively partnering with clients to look at where and how this can be best integrated into their in-house operations.

For us, the recipe to success is ensuring that we have the best people to collaborate with our clients, devising and adapting the most intelligent solutions for client benefit. We have invested in growing a team of people with the technical knowledge and understanding of how to apply and adapt these technologies in a customised way.

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