We assist startups from beginning to launch and beyond in all areas of corporate law, fundraising, intellectual property, data protection, employment, tax and other issues that affect emerging companies

Services & Pricing

We know that legal issues are the last thing you want to focus on at the early stages of your startup venture. That's why we've developed a set of high-quality legal solutions specific to startups to help you get your company up and running without a significant outlay of time or money.

We have a range of free resources and fixed and flexibly-priced services to help you through the lifecycle of your business. We also tailor our offering to suit your needs and reflect your budget. Get in touch for a cost and obligation-free discussion to see how we can help your business grow.


Valeska Bloch discusses our range of free and fixed-price Allens Accelerate services.

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    The A-SuiteFree

    FREE suite of essential documents specifically drafted for startups, with user‑friendly guidance notes.

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    Getting startedFixed price

    FIXED PRICE company incorporation and registered office services.

    • Incorporation $1,175
    • Registered office services $500
    • Your Annual Company Review $475
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    IP ProtectionFixed price

    FIXED PRICE package including an hour consultation with our IP experts.

    • $1,750 for full trade mark search and filing in one class, plus an hour of initial consultation on IP rights (copyright, trade marks, designs and patents).
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    Other Allens Accelerate services

    Get in touch for a cost and obligation-free discussion to see how we can help your business grow.

Access to our network

We leverage our extensive network to connect our Allens Accelerate clients with potential customers, investors, policy makers and business leaders.

We provide access to our program of client events, a seat at the table at luncheons for your sector’s most influential people, introductions with senior business leaders, and profiling opportunities in white papers and at conferences.

Corporate Governance

Your corporate governance structure will form the backbone of your company so it is vital that you get the legal framework right from the start. Speak to us about how to establish and run your business in a way that will comply with your regulatory obligations, enable you to scale and make it attractive to investors.

Visit our Head Office & Governance page.


  • Allens Accelerate: FAQs: Shareholders agreements
    Together with your company's constitution, a shareholders agreement provides the foundation for the corporate governance of your startup and outlines what a shareholder can and can't do. It also sets out the shareholders' rights and obligations and their role in the management of the company.
  • Client Update: ASIC releases consultation paper on regulatory sandbox exemption for startups
    ASIC has released a consultation paper on proposals to facilitate innovation in the financial services sector. The proposals include details of the long-awaited 'regulatory sandbox'. It will be of interest to both emerging companies who may rely on the relief, as well as investors in this space. Senior Associate Simun Soljo and Law Graduate Antonia Ross look at what the paper proposes.
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Accessing Capital

Capital is the lifeblood of your business. We can guide you through the pre-investment process to ensure that your company is conducive to investment. We also assist with capital raising from preparing and reviewing term sheets through to execution, from pre-seed through to later stage series rounds and IPOs.


  • Focus: Crowd sourced equity funding to gain traction with new legislation
    After a difficult journey, both Houses have passed the Corporations Amendment (Crowd-sourced Funding) Bill 2016 - introducing a new funding avenue for Australian startups and an opportunity for retail investors to access equity in emerging companies. Managing Associate Valeska Bloch, Senior Associate Tom Griffin, Summer Clerk Katherine Tsatsaklas and Applied Legal Technology Head Paralegal Hope Williams report.
  • Allens Accelerate: Preparing for investment
    As a startup looking to raise capital, you'll most likely spend a fair bit of time thinking about your pitch to potential investors and, if you're lucky, the terms of any investment.
  • Fact sheet: The term sheet decoded
    The term sheet is the key document that determines the basis on which VCs and other investors will invest in your startup. This means that it's crucial to get the basics right from the outset.
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    insights from Jon Medved, Founder and CEO, OurCrowd

    Key takeaways



    Viki Forrest, the CEO of ANZA Technology Network, which specialises in helping Australian technology businesses expand into the US, says there are significant differences in approach by potential investors and customers between the Australian and US markets.


    Zika Abzuk is the General Manager of the Israel Country Transformation for Cisco Europe, where she leads this initiative and the implementation of Smart Cities in Israel.

Attracting Talent

People are the heart and soul of your business so it’s vital that you have the right framework in place to attract and keep top talent. You also need to ensure that your startup has the flexibility to grow.

We can:

  • provide you with the documentation to engage employees, contractors and interns;
  • help you to comply with your employment regulatory obligations; and
  • assist you to implement employment frameworks such as employee share plans and vesting arrangements so that you can incentivise and retain top talent.


  • Fact sheet: Growing your team: working with interns in your startup
    Many startups look to grow their team by engaging interns, work experience students and other unpaid workers.
  • Fact sheet: What price to pay for social media in the workplace?
    There's an assumption that everyone is on social media these days, even when they're at work - and they probably are. Many startups embrace social media, but, as an employer, you will need to understand and manage the risks that come with the use of social media in the workplace.
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Contracting with customers

Your customers are your most significant asset and demonstrating the potential size and stickiness of your customer base can be critical to the valuation of your company.

Whether you’re looking to develop a proof-of-concept, formulate standard consumer terms and conditions or sign up a major corporate customer, we can help you to prepare the contracts you need and negotiate a reasonable position so that you can develop and maintain long and fruitful customer relationships.


  • Client Update: Excessive payment surcharging reforms
    As of 1 September 2017, merchants will be prohibited from charging excessive payment surcharges for certain payment methods. Under the new rules, businesses can only pass on to customers what it costs them to process a payment. The Allens Competition team have put together a brief overview of the changes and what businesses should do to prepare for the new regime.
  • Allens Accelerate: Customer Contracts: How to seal the deal without compromising your interests
    The lifecycle of a startup includes many milestones – the first strategy meeting, the first investment round and, at some point, the first customer to take a chance on your product or services.
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Protecting your IP

A simple but brilliant idea is the core of many successful startups and it’s important you protect this key asset of your business. Consider whether a patent is right for your business and ensure that you have your IP arrangements appropriately documented.

Speak to one of our patent and trade mark attorneys if you would like to find out more.

Visit Allens IP Blog: Scintilla.


  • Allens Accelerate: Preparing for investment
    As a startup looking to raise capital, you'll most likely spend a fair bit of time thinking about your pitch to potential investors and, if you're lucky, the terms of any investment.
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Data Management & Privacy

Data can be a significant company asset, the foundation of new business models and can give your startup a competitive edge. We can help you to get the maximum benefit from your data while mitigating any regulatory and reputational risks.

Visit our Privacy & Data Protection page.


  • Focus: Landmark Productivity Commission report on data availability and use
    The Productivity Commission has released a landmark draft report on the ability of individuals, businesses and government to access and use data in Australia. The report criticises Australia's historically conservative approach to data use and proposes a 'fundamental and systematic change' to the way that data is made available and linked. Partner Gavin Smith, Managing Associate Valeska Bloch, Associate Tom Griffin and Lawyer Claudia Hall report.
  • Tip sheet: Cyber security
    What should businesses do to avoid, minimise or remedy the damage caused by a cyber breach?
  • Tip sheet: Big data - How to get the most out of your data
    Big data is becoming a significant corporate asset, a huge competitive advantage and the foundation of new business models.
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Competition & Consumer Law

You’re disrupting industries and changing markets – but what can you do if incumbents block your way? You want to tell the world about your business – but could your claims get you into trouble? You want customers to love your product, but do you have to give a refund if they don’t?

Misleading advertising is a perennial focus for the ACCC, consumers and your competitors. Know where to draw the line in your sales and marketing claims, what to do if your competitors publish misleading material and ensure that your contracts (both with customers and suppliers) are fair and enforceable. Our Competition & Consumer Law team can help you with these issues and so much more.


Grasping the tax implications for your business is essential. Speak to our tax experts about:

  • how to keep everything above board;
  • opportunities to apply tax offset mechanisms to your business; and
  • tax incentives that may be available to your potential investors.


  • Allens Accelerate: The startup investor tax concessions - what you need to know
    The Federal Government has introduced a Bill detailing tax concessions to incentivise investment into Australian startups.
  • Fact sheet: Show me the money: Tax reforms to encourage investment in startups
    The Ideas Boom has arrived with the Federal Government's National Innovation and Science Agenda. Central to the new agenda are a raft of tax and regulatory measures designed to encourage greater investment in startups to help them both get off the ground and to survive the 'valley of death' with greater access to Series A capital.
  • Fact sheet: Sharing is caring - but it may also be taxable!
    A current trend in our society is our willingness to share, whether it be our home, office, or our time. This 'sharing economy' is set to grow, and with that growth comes increased ATO scrutiny.
  • Fact sheet: Reap the benefits from your R&D investment
    Grasping tax in the early days of your business is essential - you want to ensure you are keeping everything above board, while not paying unnecessary tax or, importantly, missing opportunities to apply tax offset mechanisms to your business.
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