Climate change: targeting net zero

Climate change is one of the defining issues of our generation. 

It goes to the core of organisational strategy and holds potential to influence the flow of capital. Increasing scrutiny around corporate governance and disclosure expectations relating to the management of climate risks, together with individuals who believe their rights have been directly impacted by climate-induced physical phenomena, puts climate change high on the radar. 

There is no ‘one size fits all’ approach to navigating the risks and opportunities climate change presents as the country continues on the pathway scientists agree is needed: net zero by 2050.

Organisations will need to uniquely establish robust governance frameworks, provide accurate and relevant information to the market, and be open to change as the landscape evolves.

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Thinking differently

Five ways to deliver on carbon reduction targets

As we move towards a carbon-constrained future and electricity prices rise, companies are increasingly looking for ways to deliver on their carbon reduction commitments, including purchasing electricity from renewable sources, managing their exposure to changing electricity prices and supporting carbon reduction initiatives.

Climate change is putting governance to the test

It is a financial imperative to actively navigate the risks and opportunities that the carbon transition presents. The impetus is now here for directors to reflect on what climate-related risks and opportunities mean for their fiduciary duties, and to take prudent steps to safeguard their organisations.

Hydrogen technologies timeline in Australia

By 2050, it is anticipated that a hydrogen industry could create around 7,600 new jobs and billions of dollars in economic growth. To achieve these ambitions, and position Australia as a global hydrogen player, we outline the key initiatives that have been have been put in place at Federal level recently.

A climate change guide for legal and compliance teams

Understanding how climate change impacts strategic business decisions is now as complex as it is essential. This guide equips you with essential information in relation to the various areas of climate change law.