Post Royal Commission: impacts by industry

The Royal Commission into Misconduct in Banking, Superannuation and Financial Services put the industry under heavy scrutiny and had wide-ranging implications.

While this was an incredibly challenging period, it has now prepared banks better than ever before to handle the current crises confronting the industry. As the situation evolves, meeting demands and supporting customers and communities at a time when everything else is uncertain, is essential.

In light of the current changes, we've taken a look at what's happened since the Royal Commission and what these changes mean for different industries. There will be challenges ahead but, with clear guidance and direction, businesses can be prepared for what's to come.

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What this means for

Governance and directors' duties

Better governance for all: it's not just lessons for the banks

Risk, compliance and personal accountability

A rapidly shifting focus to non-financial risk

Class action risks in financial services

An oncoming storm in an already high-risk environment

New regulatory enforcement landscape

'Detected, denounced and justly punished' - misconduct now squarely in the sights of regulators


Fostering a culture that prioritises customers over profit


'Driving or discouraging misconduct' - a new focus for legal and compliance leaders

Mortgage brokers and financial advisers

Examining the parallels in remuneration and duties

Non-financial organisations

Beyond financial services - common problems and shared solutions