Allens appoints new Chairman

18 November 2016

Fiona Crosbie has today been named the new Chairman of leading law firm Allens.

Commenting on the appointment, outgoing Chairman, Ian Wallace said that Fiona is an outstanding partner and would play an important part in the governance, operational oversight and strategic initiatives of the firm.

'I am delighted to announce Fiona as the firm's next Chairman – Fiona will bring to the position a love of the firm and a deep respect for its traditions, people and place in the market.

'Having served on the Board, Fiona brings a strong commercial outlook and commitment to the firm's innovation and change agendas,' Ian said.

'I am delighted to serve as Chairman and will play an active role in our relationships with clients, alumni, community partners and with the broader business community.

'I look forward to working across the firm to guide the Board as it provides counsel to the Managing Partner and executive committee and the partnership,' Fiona said.

Fiona leads Allens' Competition Practice and has been a partner of the firm for 15 years.

Fiona will officially commence the role of Chairman in January 2017.


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Notes for editors.

Allens is a commercial law firm working throughout Australia and Asia. Through its integrated alliance with Linklaters it provides clients access to 40 offices in 28 countries around the world.