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Linklaters Insights: Legal professional privilege

17 June 2016

Our global alliance partner Linklaters has compiled a review of law and practice relating to legal professional privilege in 23 jurisdictions across Europe, the Americas and the Asia-Pacific. We contributed the chapter on Australia.

Legal professional privilege exists in most jurisdictions but its scope and application vary widely. As both litigation and regulatory investigations become increasingly international, the differences (and their potential consequences) between jurisdictions present a significant risk for companies and their legal advisers. In-house counsel advising companies operating in multiple jurisdictions are particularly exposed. The latest edition of this report provides at-a-glance answers to questions such as whether a right to privilege is recognised, what types of documents may be privileged, whether the concept of in-house lawyer privilege is recognised, and whether the doctrine of privilege is respected and applied by regulatory and other investigative bodies.

The report is available on the Linklaters website.

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