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Startup companies and disruptors and innovators are creating many new and dynamic markets. We’re across these evolving markets that startups and investors are operating in.


Fintech is an industry where companies use technology to make financial services more efficient. It is an area of disruption and of great opportunity for startups.

Our team is working with market leading startups as well as investors and corporate clients looking to harness the opportunity in fintech. We have the knowledge and experience to assist startups as they navigate the legal and regulatory issues associated with their fintech solution, as well as helping corporates integrate those solutions into their existing businesses.

Stone & Chalk

Allens is one of the corporate foundation members of Stone & Chalk, an independent entity created to foster and accelerate the development of world-class Australian fintech start-ups. Read our media release.


Watch co-founder and CEO of Simple KYC, Eric Frost, discuss technology in financial institutions and give his advice on establishing a startup.


The potential of technology to generate higher levels of innovation and productivity in the agricultural industry is behind the rise of the agtech industry in Australia, and startups are helping to fuel its growth.

From new finance models, to precision farming and supply chain optimisation, we have the experience to provide your business with expert legal advice.

Allens is the exclusive partner of SproutX, Australia's first agtech pre-accelerator and $10 million agtech accelerator fund.



Watch co-founder and director of Full Profile, Emma Weston, discuss the role of blockchain in agriculture and the challenges facing new startups.

Watch co-founder and chairman of AgriWebb, Justin Webb, discuss AgriWebb's approach to on-farm data management and the future of livestock management.


Huge amounts of data are flowing into businesses each day. While the volume can seem overwhelming, it is how the data is used that is most important. Strategic analysis of the data can yield key insights for better business and management decisions.

Our team has expertise in a range of big data applications. From assisting with the development of platform architecture and privacy by design frameworks, to ensuring startups are compliant with applicable privacy and data security requirements, our team has the knowledge and experience to guide your business through any legal challenge associated with big data.

Allens has also recently become a founding law firm member of Data Governance Australia, a body founded to establish best practice industry norms for innovative data use. Visit our Data, Privacy & Cyber practice for more information.


Watch Steve Millward, head of commercial at Data Republic, discuss Data Republic's journey and what's next for big data.

Top tips from Paul McCarney

Paul McCarney, Co-Founder and CEO, Data Republic discusses keeping in mind the long-term goal and ensuring regulatory and technology platforms support future growth with Gavin Smith, TMT Sector Leader and Practice Leader, Startups and Emerging Companies.


Biotech, medtech and health innovation

Allens currently works closely with a number of key players in the pharmaceutics, biotechnology and medical devices industries. Our team can help you with every aspect of the legal challenges and requirements for investing in, developing and obtaining the necessary regulatory approvals required for bringing new technology to market in this space. We have worked with some of Australia's leading startups in the industry to assist them in product development, licensing, intellectual property protection and fundraising.



Drones are rapidly emerging as a technology with significant commercial applications in a broad range of industries including infrastructure, agriculture and mining. While drones have been used for some time in the defence industry and have more recently seen a variety of consumer applications, new innovations are seeing drones used commercially for such tasks as inspection and monitoring of critical sites and facilities, surveying and environmental analysis, and even product delivery. Companies making commercial use of drones operate in a regulatory environment which has sometimes struggled to keep pace with the speed of the advancements of the industry.

Our team can help you with every aspect of your drones startup or investment, from protecting your intellectual property, meeting regulatory and licencing requirements, to crafting contracts for the provision or supply of drone services.


Robotics, automation and machine learning

The latest reports from the McKinsey Global Institute predict that automation, machine learning and robotics will transform the future of work. Technological advances in these areas raise issues with respect to privacy, employment, product liability and personal injury. We have worked with universities, manufacturers as well as drone startups providing advice and assisting on transactions that arise in this space.


3D printing and advanced manufacturing

3D printing will be a game changer for industries like advanced manufacturing, retail, construction, automotive and health in Australia. Allens offers a one-stop legal team dedicated to serving the 3D printing and the advanced manufacturing community. The team is from a range of specialisations and advise on all aspects of 3D print from patenting your technology through to the roll-out of 3D print services to customers. We have worked with some of Australia's leading 3D print innovators including large retailers, 3D printing start-ups and biomedical research companies.

Smart energy

The energy sector is undergoing great and fast-paced innovation. Smart energy offers new ways of generating energy, innovative technologies for storing and deploying energy and new services and products that offer more efficient and cleaner use of resources.

We increasing see alternative ways of delivering gas, electricity and water to large scale mixed use developments. Our team has expertise in creating corporate and legal structures for these non-traditional ways of delivering energy services and ensuring compliance with legal regulatory requirements which themselves are evolving with new technologies.



With advances in digital technology, the world of records, payments and transactions is on the brink of previously unimaginable change. The terms 'blockchain' and 'Bitcoin' have ricocheted around Australia’s media and banking, financial services and tech startup landscape, accompanied by grand claims heralding a new era of opportunity and disruption.

The so-called 'distributed consensus ledger' is causing the most excitement. A world away from the hard-copy ledgers of old, the attraction of this technology is that transactions or records can be authenticated over the internet without the need for an overarching central authority – and this can occur safely, swiftly and securely.

Our team advises a range of corporate and startup clients on all issues relating to blockchain, from governance arrangements, to smart contracts to broader sector specific regulatory issues.

Our team has authored a special report, Blockchain Reaction, on understanding the opportunities and navigating the legal frameworks of distributed ledger technology and blockchain, as well as a number of articles including Smart contracts need smarter lawyersEight recommendations for businesses on blockchainDAO hack shines a light on blockchain regulation, and Blockchain Summit: Lessons learned.



Cybersecurity is a critical concern for all businesses and institutions to protect networks, computers, programs and data from attack, damage or unauthorised access. Given the connected world we live in, cybersecurity is a critical issue for all businesses and provides a clear opportunity for innovative approaches.

Our team has expertise working with Australian and global leaders in the cybersecurity space. We understand the implications of getting cybersecurity right and the challenges of doing business in a global market.


A number of clients (including Big 4 banks, telcos and new media companies) on a range of cyber issues including data breaches and engaging with regulators.

Australia's growing cyber insurance industry: insights from Chris Mackinnon, Lloyd's

Valeska Bloch, Partner at Allens, discusses cyber insurance with Chris Mackinnon, head of Lloyd's in Australia

Cyber and startups

Dr Nimrod Koslovski is a partner at JVP Cyber Labs, a leading Israeli VC focusing on cyber and big data investments and co-leading the VC and state-sponsored incubator for cyber security in Be'er Sheva, Israel. We were pleased to have hosted him recently at a roundtable lunch and Valeska Bloch had the opportunity to speak to him about the necessary conditions for a successful startup economy.

Cyber Security seminar held 1 March 2016

Online marketplaces and platforms

Online marketplaces are the primary type of multi-channel e-commerce. It is generally an e-commerce site where the products, or information, is provided by multiple third parties, and transactions are processed by the marketplace operator.

Our team has deep experience working with marketplace operators in a range of industries, including established market players and disruptive new entrants. We have expertise in assisting clients to develop their platform as well as their terms of engagement to ensure compliance with relevant privacy, regulatory and industry legal requirements.


Watch co-founder and CEO of PLAYGROUND XYZ, Rob Hall, discuss the future of mobile advertising and PLAYGROUND XYZ's experience getting started.

Mining and resources

Innovation in the resources sector is aimed at reducing operating costs, increasing asset productivity, improving safety and informing decision making. Technology in this sector includes 3D printing, wearables, Internet of Things (IoT) and data analytics, autonomous vehicles, trains and drill rigs, robotic process automation, drones, virtual reality headsets and Geospatial Information Systems.

We are experienced in advising in relation to these technologies and have a deep sector knowledge from acting on the full spectrum of legal issues in the industry.