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We've developed a set of high-quality legal solutions specific to startups to help you get your company up and running without a significant outlay of time or money.

If you're an established startup, we can assist in all areas of corporate law, fundraising, intellectual property, data protection, employment, tax and other issues that affect emerging companies.

In all cases, we provide cost-effective, transparent pricing arrangements to support you and your business throughout your growth cycle. Our highly-committed team is ready to help and to support the growth of your business.

If you're just embarking on your journey, we have a suite of free legal documents for early-stage startups to help you kick-start your business.

How can we help?

Free documents for early stage startups, and fixed and flexibly-priced services for established startups

Accessing capital and tax services

Customer contracts and standard terms and conditions

Building an investor-friendly and compliant corporate governance structure

Data management and privacy

Protecting your IP

Adherence to competition and consumer law

Attracting and managing talent from employment documents to employee share plans

Services and pricing

The essentials

The A-Suite is a free collection of essential documents specifically drafted for early stage startups, with user‑friendly guidance notes. Download one of our document bundles today.

Bespoke services 

If you're an established startup with an MVP or funding, get in touch with our specialist startup legal team for an obligation-free discussion to see how we can help your business grow. 


Get in touch with our team

Helping your business grow

Support at every stage 

Valeska Bloch discusses the range of Allens Accelerate services available, from the A-Suite, our free legal documents and guidance, to more bespoke services tailored to the startup industry. 

If you are an established startup or scaleup looking for more specialised advice on complex and bespoke issues, contact our dedicated team today.



Can any business use the startup legal services?


For early-stage startups or those just embarking on their startup journey, Allens Accelerate offers the A-Suite package. This is a free set of essential legal documents drafted specifically for startups. They contain user-friendly guidance notes and optional text for startups to customise themselves. They are the perfect tool to get your startup underway.

For those startups that have progressed further in their journey (eg those with a minimum viable product or those seeking their first major funding round), Allens Accelerate offers fixed and flexibly-priced services and advice. Once at this stage, startups are generally in need of more complex and specialised advice.

If this is what you need, please reach out to us. We'll carry out a quick screening process to ensure we are the right firm for you and that we can build a long-term relationship. Then we can get to work.

I am looking for a startup lawyer to help with something not listed here?


Allens Accelerate can provide fixed and flexibly-priced services for established startups on all areas of corporate law, fundraising, intellectual property, data protection, employment, tax and other issues that affect emerging companies. If you need assistance in any of these areas, get in touch with our team below.

Does Allens have a startup school or startup accelerator?


Allens has recently launched Auctus, an eight-week accelerator program specifically for legaltech and regtech startups. It addresses two challenges for the legal industry:

  • contract creation and management; and
  • risk assessment, management and compliance.

Whilst we don't have a general accelerator program for startups in other industries, the Allens Accelerate practice is dedicated to supporting the Australian startup community by providing legal assistance.

We have partnered with many of Australia's successful startups that are responding to disruption, and with investors and corporates who are investing in innovation. We are able to use our extensive network to connect our Allens Accelerate clients with potential customers, investors and policymakers.

Will you contact me after I download the A-suite package of legal document templates?

It depends.

Our Allens Accelerate A-Suite package of legal documents is available for any startup. They provide the necessary legal foundation to establish your enterprise, and you can customise the documents yourself using the detailed, user-friendly guidance notes and optional text.

If you give us your consent and your details, we may contact you from time to time to share news and opportunities or invite you to networking events. For later-stage startups or scaleups, we may also contact you to discuss how we can assist with more complex or specialised legal services, such as strategic advice on commercial arrangements, capital raising or data governance and privacy compliance.

You can unsubscribe at any time, and if you do not give us your consent, we will not contact you.

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