Technological innovation differentiates your business in the marketplace to provide you with a competitive advantage.

Patents provide protection for those innovations. They protect the new technological features of your invention and represent valuable commercial assets.

Our patent attorneys have technical expertise and experience covering all fields of technology. This allows them to fully understand your invention and its competitive advantage in the marketplace, and to develop effective strategies to protect and commercialise that invention.

We offer expertise in all aspects of patent strategy, protection, and enforcement.


 icon_target.png Commercialisation

  • Technology commercialisation
  • Patent transactions
  • Technology licensing

 icon_strategy.png Strategy

  • Patent landscape intelligence
  • Filing strategies
  • Portfolio management

 icon_umbrella.png Protection

  • Preparing and filing patent applications
  • Prosecuting patent applications
  • Registering patents overseas

icon_alert.png Risk

  • Freedom to operate
  • Validity and infringement opinions
  • IP landscape and competitor analysis
  • Corporate governance and compliance

icon_enforcement.png Enforcement

  • Dispute resolution
  • Litigation
  • Validity and infringement opinions