Trade Marks

Consumer confidence is strongly correlated to brand recognition and the reputation it conveys.

Trade Marks play a critical role in developing a business's brand identity and conveying quality and confidence to the market. 

They are also a powerful form of brand protection that distinguish your goods or services. Specifically, registering your trade mark can prevent others from hijacking your brand and capitalising on your success.

Our team can assist you to obtain strong enforceable rights and highly valuable business assets in the form of registered trade marks.

We offer expertise in all aspects of trade mark strategy, protection, and enforcement.


 icon_target.png Commercialisation

  • Licensing
  • Assignments
  • Commercialisation advice

 icon_strategy.png Branding strategy

  • Availability searches and assessment
  • Create branding dynamics
  • Develop legal basis for brand

 icon_umbrella.png Protection

  • Preparing and filing trade mark applications
  • Opposing, cancelling or removing competitor trade marks
  • Registering trade marks in Australia and overseas

icon_alert.png Risk

  • Freedom to use and infringement opinions

  • IP landscape and competitor monitoring

  • Corporate governance and compliance

icon_enforcement.png Enforcement

  • Initiating seizure of counterfeit goods through Customs
  • Infringement actions
  • Taking actions under Australian Consumer Law