9 April 2021

Allens' response to recent media reports

We wish to respond to recent media reports about incidents of inappropriate conduct in our firm.

We deeply regret the distress experienced by the women impacted by the misconduct. No one should go through those experiences. We provided support to the women at the time, and we have conveyed to them that our offer of support stands.

While there are aspects of the recent media reporting with which we disagree, we absolutely accept that misconduct occurred.

Sexual harassment is unacceptable in any workplace and we have been clear with our partners and staff that it has no place at Allens.

When we become aware of misconduct, we investigate swiftly and take action that is fair, proportionate, and considers the wellbeing and wishes of the aggrieved person. Misconduct has resulted in people exiting our firm.

We want everyone at Allens to have a fulfilling experience, characterised by respect, fairness and equal opportunity. Sadly, that has not always been the case for every person at Allens over time, and some cases were not handled as they would be now.  

Our policies and approach to stamping out harassment have evolved, and will continue to evolve.  It's important that our people feel empowered to raise complaints, be supported when they do so and have transparency regarding the consequences imposed on those who engage in misconduct.  We are taking action to build a better, more holistic approach for preventing and responding to sexual harassment.

We are a firm that listens, learns and strives to improve. We remain absolutely committed to making our workplace a safe and respectful environment for all our people.