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Elyse Adams

Elyse is a partner in our Technology, Media & Telecommunications practice, specialising in tech and telco projects and advisory work, including M&A and corporate transactions in the technology sector. Elyse is also Co-Head of the Allens Accelerate practice for startups, scaleups and high-growth companies.

np22-elyse-adams1.jpgI started studying law because I thought it would be a really good foundation for whatever came next. To be honest, I was a bit ambivalent as a law student but my clerkship experience at Allens showed me the scope of opportunities available to make a positive impact in this kind of career.

Throughout my time at the firm, I think that impact has taken different forms. With my clients, it's about forming really strong relationships and helping them to creatively navigate the best way forward for their organisation. When you build up a relationship with trust as a key element, it really shapes your entire interaction and positively impacts the outcome.

I'm a technology lawyer, so I'm all about helping our clients grapple with the opportunities and impact embracing innovation can bring. Hopefully in the process I'm also breaking down the outward perception that traditional law firms are these big dinosaurs and they can't be cutting-edge and funky – I'm definitely here to disrupt that idea!

Outside of my work with clients, contributing to the things that make Allens a really great place to work is an important focus. For me, that's our work in the reconciliation space and thinking about how we can use our position and privilege to benefit the broader community around us. It's also evolving our culture to ensure it remains relevant to our people. Cliché as it sounds, as an Allens born and bred, the one thing that has kept me turning up to work every day is the culture. Throughout my career I've always known that my value is not determined by what I wear (never black), how I approach things or the days I work, or diminished in any way by the fact that sometimes I have to take time out to care for the needs of my growing family – like now, as I head into my second stint of parental leave whilst also embarking on my partnership journey. I know I have the support of my fantastic team every step of the way. It's my goal to make sure we continue to build a firm that fills our diverse cohort of people with confidence that Allens is a place that will empower them to make choices throughout their career and provide them with a safe and respectful place to grow and be themselves.