This is Allens

Louis Chiam

Louis is a partner in the energy sector, focusing on major energy infrastructure projects, renewables, energy regulation, oil and gas, and climate change.


I was recently described as a 'veteran' of the energy sector and, while I wasn't thrilled about that term, I suppose it is rather apt. Across my 20+ year career in the energy sector, I've witnessed monumental transformation and have had the privilege of building my knowledge and expertise alongside clients who have pioneered reform, tested boundaries and driven innovation in energy financing, structuring, supply, delivery and markets.

I got into the energy sector as a junior lawyer back in the late 90s during the very first wave of energy reform in Australia. We were writing the national electricity rules and doing the very first privatisations – really pioneering work. And today we're seeing the market experience a complete reboot as every aspect of the energy supply chain is reimagined in the context of the transition to a net-zero carbon economy, which is thrilling and challenging all at once.

Energy has always held a certain fascination for me. While my inner science nerd (I'm a maths and physics graduate as well as a lawyer) is attracted to the technical aspects of the field, its tangibility appeals to my passion for simple and straightforward communication. You can drive past a wind farm I've helped finance or turn on a light powered by the market I'm involved in regulating. It makes it very easy to describe to others what I do.

I was born in Singapore, the eldest of four children, and moved with my family to Melbourne in early high school. That experience taught me a lot about different communication styles and what it takes to successfully adapt to a changing environment.

My formative experiences have also been instructive as I've navigated other changes in my career, not least my recent move to Allens after a long stint at another firm. I have been fortunate to have had great mentors over my career and I'm grateful for the opportunities I now have as a leader to positively shape culture through my own actions.

As a newcomer to Allens, the most striking attribute of the culture is the sense of collective purpose people share; a clear Allens identity, which translates to openness, collaboration and support. I'm incredibly excited to be part of this team culture and the tremendous benefits it brings to clients.

Louis' happy place

I have been holidaying on the Bellarine Peninsula since I was a teenager. Located about 90 minutes southwest of Melbourne, it's a beautiful but low-key destination, with amazing wetlands, great walking and riding trails and stunning beaches. It's a great place for a family break, and in summer our kids patrol with the Ocean Grove Surf Lifesaving Club, where this photo was taken.