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Moments shaping our future

The past year has been marked by pivotal moments that have left a lasting impression on the business community, our society, and each one of us. From technological change and healthcare breakthroughs to the critical minerals boom and increased litigation complexity, we talk to some of the people who have their fingers on the pulse of what's ahead.

Bryn Hardcastle and Alex Ninkov on critical minerals

The market for critical minerals is running hot. Head of Critical Minerals Bryn Hardcastle and Senior Associate Alex Ninkov reflect on one of the year's most exciting and complex deals and what's ahead for critical minerals in Australia.

Kate Towey on investor caution

An extraordinarily complex economic and geopolitical landscape is fuelling real estate investor caution. Real Estate Sector Leader Kate Towey shares how she's helping clients prepare to seize the opportunities on the horizon.

Bill Tanner on generative AI

The current wave of digital change is faster and more transformational than any that have come before it. Chief Information Officer Bill Tanner considers the implications for legal practice, regulation and skills.

Corin Morcom on disputes trends

In today's world, finding common ground, navigating regulatory uncertainty and influencing the opposing party's perception of value requires a bird's-eye-view and a creative mindset. Disputes Managing Associate Corin Morcom reflects on the trends she's seeing in our increasingly polarised society.

Phil O'Sullivan on healthcare technology and regulation

The tension between what technology can achieve and how it's balanced with changing consumer and regulatory expectations is a major issue the industry is grappling with at the moment. Healthcare Sector Leader Phil O'Sullivan provides an insight into practice at the cutting edges of the law.

Alice Xue and Liz Fernando on skills of the future

Building a team that specialises in the intersection of law and technology is crucial to harnessing the power of emerging tech and meeting clients' growing needs for automation and efficiency. Head of Legal Project Management Liz Fernando and inaugural Legal Transformation Graduate Alice Xue reflect on what it takes.