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Our year together in 2020

2020 was a year characterised by connection. We reflected on this remarkable period with those who were with us through it – our clients, community partners and colleagues. This is our year together.

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Andrew Pascoe and Sheldon Renkema

When faced with the solitude of lockdown, Allens Partner Andrew Pascoe and Wesfarmers General Manager - Legal (Corporate) Sheldon Renkema realised the value of finding avenues to maintain human connection, both among their respective teams and as part of an ongoing professional relationship.

James Watts and John Hughes

Rirratjingu Aboriginal Corporation (RAC) represents the Rirratjingu people - traditional owners of land on the Gove Peninsula. Through Allens' Jawun partnership, Senior Business Development Manager James Watts worked with CEO John Hughes to provide a series of recommendations to position the organisation's quarry to win rehabilitation work anticipating closure of the bauxite mine on the peninsula.

Elyse Adams and Thornton Christensen

For Allens Managing Associate Elyse Adams and Aware Super Senior Legal Manager Thornton Christensen, intense negotiations through a hard lockdown allowed their naturally fun and relaxed working styles to shine.

Renee Boundy and Lily Zhang

Parenting a newborn can be lonely at the best of times. Add a natural disaster and a global pandemic to the mix and 'isolation' takes on new meaning. Allens Partner Renee Boundy and GPT Group Treasury Manager Lily Zhang (an Allens alumna) supported one another through the ups and downs of new parenthood with their own pandemic parents' group.

Melissa Keane and Ying Fu

A long-term trusted and collaborative working relationship saw Hanoi-based Allens Partner Melissa Keane and Hong Kong-based Linklaters Counsel Ying Fu seize new opportunities in 2020 - for their clients, for Vietnam and for the planet.

Darcy Doyle and Joe Ross

Bunuba Dawangarri Aboriginal Corporation (BDAC) holds native title rights and interests on behalf of the Bunuba people and works hard to generate ideas and forge pathways to a better future for Bunuba people and Indigenous Australia more broadly. Allens and BDAC have enjoyed a long association, working together across native title and lease arrangements that are pivotal to helping the community reach their goals.