This is Allens

Amelia Briscoe, Tess Regan and Vijay Cugati

Practice Executive Tess Regan and Partner Vijay Cugati have worked together for almost five years. Then, while Tess (having welcomed the arrival of her son, Forbes) was on parental leave recently, Practice Executive Amelia Briscoe in to support Vijay and the team. The trio reflect on their relationship in light of Administrative Professionals' Day.

Tess: From my first interview, I instantly knew that Allens was a firm I wanted to be a part of – there were good vibes as soon as I walked in the door. My second interview with Vijay reinforced what I thought in my first interview: that Allens felt like somewhere I could thrive, and really be part of a great team and culture.

While on parental leave recently, I was lucky enough to have Amelia assist Vijay. She continues to work with us, which has been great, as she's fantastic at her job and knows her stuff inside out. Fast-forward a few years, and Amelia, Vijay and I are all pretty open and upfront about our work, and what's required of us. We all expect a high standard and I think that filters through into our work routine.

Amelia: Trust, support and communication are so important; and, as a team, Tess, Vijay and I have developed a strong rapport, working together seamlessly to ensure everything is completed. We're all supportive of each other's input and ideas, and encourage sharing thoughts and opinions. We know that we can rely on each other to get things done and to support each other in our work.

Vijay: Tess and Amelia are both true professionals, reflected in the energy they bring to the office, the way they think and plan, and their relationships across the team and with our clients. They do their jobs with pride and commitment, and our trust drives everything we do together – in fact, it means I leave them to get on with doing everything. Whether that's billing, managing my calendar or arranging social events, I know they are doing a great job and, hopefully, that supports them to keep doing things so well, for me and everyone they work for.