This is Allens

Kajol Moopanar

Kajol is a People and Development Consultant who supports our Disputes and Investigations team in Sydney, and a recent recipient of an Allens Values Award recognising her for fostering a collaborative team environment. 

I've never felt more driven in an organisation than at Allens, which is solely due to the excellence that surrounds me. From the leadership team, which is committed to fostering the best in us, to the graduates, lawyers and partners who inspire others with their experience, ideas and insights. I just love how down-to-earth people are here. Everyone is open to giving their time, going for a coffee or chatting about the things they enjoy and how they'd like to make the firm even better.

I work as a People and Development Consultant. My manager Eloise described my role perfectly when I first started, saying it's like juggling a bunch of different things all at once. In a nutshell, I manage a diverse range of employee-related queries and processes. Sometimes that's reporting on workload and other times it's talking through a specific policy with someone. In addition, I always have a passion project I get to tick away at, working with other team members both inside and outside of my department.

I was new to the firm when a graduate asked me to go for a coffee, which turned out to be a defining moment in my time at Allens. We were both unsure of how to start building connections and getting to know people. She brought another graduate with her, and they spoke candidly about their experience, ideas and what they would like to see happen next within our firm. It was that candour and time for connection that set off a chain reaction.

I now had more people I could check in with and have a chat to, multiplying my connections and my understanding of the firm and highlighting all the opportunities there were to work together, get involved and make changes.

Thanks to those catch-ups, we had multi-faith rooms introduced nationally that year. I also met and worked with the Allens Confidential podcast team on a new clerkship episode.

That simple coffee catch-up has ultimately defined how I like to work with people and paved the way to so many other moments I'm grateful for.​​​​​​​

There is no better way to do great things than sharing work, supporting your colleagues and working together. 

(Kajol pictured left)

Kajol's five top tips for collaboration and team work

  1. Every voice counts. Talk to everyone, across all levels and teams.
  2. Build meaningful (rather than transactional) relationships where you can understand what people are passionate about, what they have a natural knack for and stay connected.
  3. Ask for feedback from anyone and everyone and keep people updated with how their feedback might be changing the course of something.
  4. Be available and open. Let people know you are around for a chat.
  5. Walk into conversations ready to learn.