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Sally Pavett and Victoria Holthouse

Practice Executive Sally Pavett and Partner Victoria Holthouse have worked in our Sydney Real Estate and Develpment team for over 25 years. From their first impressions of each other, as energetic and ethusiastic colleagues, to their current dynamic, as an effective team that knows the importance of humour, they have grown and evolved together at our firm over the years. They reflect on their relationship in light of Administrative Professionals' Day.

Sally: I've been part of the Real Estate and Development team (RED) in Sydney since I began at the firm in April 1997. Victoria was also in RED, as a senior associate, when I started, so we've worked in the same team for over 25 years and directly together for over 17 years. We both really value the advice each other offers about better ways to do things. We share our thoughts and ideas as we go, constantly communicating every day. I feel incredibly lucky to work with Victoria – we have a dynamic that cannot be replaced.

Victoria: Sally and I were little more than children when we started at Allens – we've grown up together! I remember that when Sally joined us in RED, I thought she was full of energy and enthusiasm; she worked closely with the team, and always looked for different ways of doing things.

Operating as a team, with a good dose of humour and honesty, makes our relationship work. I can't imagine working without Sally. She's seen all the good days, the bad days, and the holidays; and we've even lived through her children's sports days together too. Her excellent organisational skills sometimes mean problems pass and I don't even know they existed. She epitomises what supporting a practice really is. I always say that we'll have to retire at the same time, because I don't think I can possibly cope without Sally!