This is Allens

Defining issues 

From energy transition, cyber resilience and the growing role of private capital in our economy to reconciliation, human rights and access to justice, meet the Allens people working with clients and community partners on the issues that have defined the past year and will shape 2023. 

Kate Axup on energy transition

Work to transition Australia's energy mix has to be done at a frenetic pace, starting now. Allens Energy Sector Lead Kate Axup reflects on the past year and the challenges and opportunities ahead.

Emin Altiparmak on the rise of private capital

2022 was the year private capital investors cemented their position as a driving force in our investment markets. Private Capital Sector Lead and co-Head of Private Equity Emin Altiparmak explores what lies ahead.

Valeska Bloch on cyber resilience

A surge in cyber extortion attacks and wall-to-wall media coverage in the back half of 2022 has sharpened focus on cyber resilience across all sectors. Head of Cyber Valeska Bloch shares her observations.

Jillian Button on climate action

2022 was the year business put its foot on the pedal, accelerating efforts to tackle climate change. Head of Climate Change Jillian Button recaps the year and shares what's ahead.

Tim Chislett on Australia's housing crisis

Build-to-rent (BTR) has the potential to address Australia's housing supply challenges and transform the real estate investment landscape. Real estate specialist Tim Chislett sees 2022 as the year that set the BTR wheels in motion.

Our people making an impact in the community

From paving the way to Treaty in Victoria through to defending the rights of the most vulnerable in our communities, many of our people have lent their support to important community issues in 2022.