Defence Contractors

Government spending on defence is at an all-time high, representing a huge opportunity for contractors.

The need to scale up operations quickly enough to deliver on large scale procurement of defence capability is a key challenge.

How we can help

We focus exclusively on supporting defence contractors. As you look to grow your business in Australia and capitalise on the long-term plan for Australia's defence industry, you need a business partner who knows and understands defence.

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Insights drawn from delivering Australia's largest defence procurements means you can rely on our team to bring leading insights to support your growth.

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In all the areas you need us we are consistently ranked as leading in the market. Corporate, employment, major projects, construction, IP and more.

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We understand the unique dynamic of working with the Department of Defence and help you strike mutually beneficial outcomes.


Australia's Future Submarine Program

Allens has advised BAE Systems on its involvement in the Commonwealth's $35 billion Hunter class frigate shipbuilding program for the Royal Australian Navy.

Acquisition of Boeing's Naval Systems Division and contracts for Collins Class Submarines

Advised Raytheon on its acquisition of Boeing's Naval Systems Division and the associated contracts in relation to the Collins Class Submarines. Our work involved negotiating all aspects of the transfer of this main contract from BAE to Raytheon.

Destroyers' weapons system contract

Negotiation of a contract for Raytheon with the Commonwealth for the design of the new Destroyers' weapons system. Raytheon was one of the participants in the alliance-based target incentive agreement for the Defence Air Warfare Destroyer Program.

Acquisition of Qantas Defence Services

Advised Northrop Grumman on its acquisition of Qantas Defence Services, which provides support and maintenance for customers including the Royal Australian Air Force. Allens also advised on Northrop Grumman's acquisition of M5 Securities, a defence cyber security provider.

Maintenance and support services contracts

Advised on procurement contracting projects for the navy (Collins submarine rescue services, Under Water System support, Fast Frigate Group Integrated Materiel support) and air force (Seahawk and Blackhawk maintenance, Tiger Helicopter maintenance, Hornet engineering services).