Arrow Direct

The only service in the market that gives you advice and technology to conduct internal and regulatory investigations yourself. 

Data is becoming increasingly complex to manage. In an era of regulatory scrutiny, businesses need to identify and review data in short timeframes to get across key issues, and in some instances to produce documents for regulators.

We work with you and your teams directly and provide the right technology to process and help your in-house teams review large volumes of electronic information to meet even the most stringent of deadlines.

Our Arrow Direct technology was recognised as one of the top five professional services innovations in Australia and New Zealand in 2020. Read the AFR BOSS Most Innovative Companies list for more information.

How we can help

Collection & Processing

Assist you and your in-house IT team to identify and collect relevant data from your systems and process data into the format required by courts and regulators.


Access market leading technology and the expertise to target relevant documents and significantly reduce the need for manual review through the application of technical strategies (including predictive coding and analytics).


Conduct streamlined review yourself or access low cost reviewers to conduct first pass review of documents to arrive at a much more targeted set of documents for your team's review.

The benefits for your business

With new technology emerging all the time, unpacking the hype is key

Our knowledge isn’t just theoretical - we have been applying market-leading technologies to help our clients find what they need amidst ever increasing amounts of data for nearly 30 years.

Run your own matters more efficiently, leveraging our technology and expertise

Reduce the need for manual review using data analytics, predictive coding and the expertise to get the most out of it. Engage your own resources for document review or access our lower cost and highly scalable Review Services team.

Ready access to leading lawyers if the scope or risk profile of your matter changes

Access to Partners as a sounding board and the flexibility to engage the broader team of leading lawyers should you need to.

Working with our clients

Case study: Saved time and $1.4m in costs while keeping the matter in-house

With an eight week timeframe in which to respond and significant cost constraints, a multi-disciplinary, AI-enabled solution was essential. We helped reduce the scope of the exercise, allowing the client to meet its obligations.

Cost savings were achieved through limiting the scope of manual review and the utilisation of lower-cost review resources.