Legal Operations Solutions

Legal departments are under ever-increasing pressure to do more with less and demonstrate the value they bring to the business.

Today's legal professionals need to balance providing legal advice with strategic planning, financial management, change management and technology expertise, to enable their corporate legal teams to focus on providing value to their organisations.

How we can help

We understand that an increased focus on the efficient operation of your legal function doesn't necessarily translate to an increase in the budget and headcount allocated to improving the legal function. Many of those who are responsible for delivering 'more with less' are tackling business operation disciplines for the first time. Allens offers a steady pair of hands to guide you through optimising your legal function.

For more than 20 years, we have been investing in the people, processes and technology needed to solve pain points in legal service delivery, to ensure lawyers can spend their time doing what they do best—delivering excellent legal advice. Our in-house legal operations experts have a broad range of experience and skills, including problem discovery, solution development, change management, project management, continuous improvement and skills development. We have helped clients both big and small find simple solutions to frustrating problems, and worked with legal teams to implement and embed sustained positive change that creates value for the business. 

Listed below are the solutions that can be used to assist legal operations teams. Contact us if you would like to discuss your particular requirements.

Run matters more efficiently

eDiscovery and Regulatory Services

Market-leading solutions for the collection, management and review of data.

Managed Data Services

Comprehensive, independent database of company material covering current and future legal requirements.

Contract Automation

Advice, technology and expertise to help you streamline high volume contract document creation.

LPM Advisory

Advice, training, tools to assist with managing matters using best practice.

Upskill and activate your team

Skills Development & Training

Training to help lawyers understand what tools are available and how to leverage them.

Problem Discovery

Workshop to unpack the problem, needs and requirements for a particular idea solution.

Idea Generation

Workshop to help a team reveal creative ideas for a specific business problem.

Continuous Improvement

Workshop to unpack the problem, needs and requirements, to reach a particular solution.

Improve your legal function

Legal Operations Advisory

Advice to help you optimise the delivery of legal services in your organisation.

Product Development

Design and development of bespoke tools and products to suit your needs

Service Development

Advice and sharing expertise, to improve service delivery and create value for your business.

Flexible Resourcing Options

Scale up operations and human capital at short notice to meet peak workload.

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