Christopher Connell

Ze 2012
Ze 2012
oil on canvas
86 x 217 cm

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Brief biography

Born in Sydney in 1972, Christopher Connell received a Diploma in Illustration from Billy Blue School of Graphic Design in 1991. He travelled throughout Australia, showing his work in solo exhibitions in Sydney, Melbourne and Alice Springs. He also spent time in remote communities in the Central Desert. He then continued his studies at The National Art School, Darlinghurst, Sydney, where, in 2013, he received a Bachelor in Fine Arts (Honours), majoring in painting. He is currently based in Sydney at Salmagundi Studios. His works are represented in private collections in Australia and the United States.

About the works

Connell's paintings are meditations on the act of painting while reflecting on current ideas in the world of science; specifically emergence and self-organising systems. The swirling geometries and forms in Connell's work are intentionally loose in relation to aesthetic references, his paintings are better understood to be method driven, and the subject matter being the mechanics of 'nature'. His work is best considered as non-representational or abstract as his energetic constructions of a new type of geometry play out on his large-scale canvases. Connell's belief that a painting has a life of its own positions him, simultaneously, as both painter and viewer, during the evolution of his work.

Works in the Allens collection

Ze 2012
oil on canvas, 86 x 217 cm

Birth 2012
oil on canvas, 164 x 210 cm