Case studies

Recent case studies in the Government sector

Sydney desalination plant privatisation

The deal: The acquisition of the Sydney Desalination Plant with a 50-year water supply and off-take agreement for $2.3 billion.
Phases of project: Finance, projects.
The highlight: The first major privatisation by the O'Farrell Government, this deal has paved the way for further asset disposals in NSW (including the sale of Port Botany and Port Kembla, announced in May 2013).
Benefits: The NSW Government received an up-front payment for the sale of a public asset (which can be used for further infrastructure investment) and investors receive a stable, regulated cash-flow back-stopped by the NSW Government.

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Queensland Schools II PPP

The deal: Advising the Plenary Schools consortiumon the winning tender for the Queensland Schools II Project.
Phases of project: Equity investment, debt financing, construction,maintenance, planning and property issues, regulatory issues.
The significance: This was the second-fastest PPP in Australia to get from bid to close.
Benefits: Delivery of 10 new schools across multiple sites in southeast Queensland's high-growth corridor on a tight construction program.

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Gateway, WA

The deal: Gateway WA project.
Phases of project: Planning and development, procurement for project implementation, contract administration.
The significance: The largest infrastructure project that Main Roads WA has ever undertaken, and a transport infrastructure project of national significance.
Benefits: The WA State Government has gained critical funding from the Federal Government, with support from Infrastructure Australia, by having a well-planned and documented procurement process and a clear contractual framework. The program alliance delivery model offers the alliance team an opportunity to demonstrate the real value of collaboration and innovation in design and construct methodology for a major transport infrastructure project.

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