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Client Update:  Fee amendments for Australian intellectual property matters

9 January 2007

In December 2006, IP Australia (the Federal Government body that administrates patent, trade mark, design and plant breeder's rights) announced a comprehensive review of its official fees. This is first major overhaul of fees for some time and is related to a general cost recovery policy being implemented by the Government.

As a result, although a small number of fees will be reduced, the majority of fees will be increasing on commencement of the relevant regulations on 1 March 2007. We will be reviewing and updating our schedules of charges (available on our website) in line with these changes, but please contact us in the meantime if you have any questions concerning the new fees or related matters.

IP Australia has confirmed that the fee payable for an action will be that applicable on the day the action is completed. We therefore recommend that you provide your instructions to us as soon as possible for any matters where fees need to be paid, such as filing new applications or oppositions, requesting examination, paying acceptance fees, or attending to renewals. If we receive your instructions in time we will attend to the payment of the due fee before 1 March 2007, thus ensuring you gain the benefit of the lower charges under the current fee schedules.

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