Energy Reform Hub

Energy Reform Hub

Corporate PPAs

Power purchase agreements are no longer the exclusive domain of retailers. As electricity prices rise and we move towards a carbon‑constrained future, companies are looking for ways to manage their exposure to changing electricity prices and to purchase electricity from renewable sources.

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Insights from Dr Alan Finkel AO, Australia's Chief Scientist

Watch Dr Finkel share his thoughts on the way technology is driving our ability to transform the energy sector, the ideal mix of technology in renewables and the role science has to play in our low carbon future.

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Some of the most significant energy reforms in decades are now rolling out across Australia.

As the Australian energy market transitions towards higher concentrations of renewable energy and distributed energy resources, regulators and governments are focusing on the regulatory changes required to facilitate this technological shift at least cost.

Retailer Reliability Obligation

The introduction of the Retailer Reliability Obligation (formerly the reliability component of the National Energy Guarantee) affects a range of electricity sector participants and, in particular, will impact on the contractual arrangements between retailers, generators and (in some cases) large customers. We analyse the key design details of the Retailer Reliability Obligation and the impacts and opportunities this may create for market participants.


Energy Rules Changes

We provide regular updates on proposed rule changes being progressed by the AEMC.


ACCC Electricity Supply and Prices Inquiry

In response to the request for a public inquiry into the supply of retail electricity and competitiveness of retail electricity prices, the ACCC made 56 recommendations aimed at boosting competition in generation and retail markets, lowering supply chain costs and improving consumer and business experiences and outcomes. We will be tracking the responses to these recommendations and taking a look at the opportunities and challenges for energy customers, retailers, generators and investors arising from the implementation of the recommendations.


Post 2025 National Electricity Market Design

The COAG Energy Council has requested that the Energy Security Board (ESB) consider whether any changes are required to the core National Electricity Market framework in order to facilitate the technological shift towards a lower emissions electricity system. It is intended such changes will deal with increasing concentrations of distributed energy resources at least cost and without impacting reliability of supply.