Qantas Future Planet program

Watch Megan Flynn, Group Manager – Environment and Carbon Strategy of Qantas, talk about the Future Planet program.

We are proud to be partnering with Qantas on their Future Planet program to support carbon offset projects that mitigate climate change, protect wildlife and nourish communities.

The Future Planet program allows corporate partners such as Allens to support projects across the world that mitigate climate change, protect wildlife and nourish communities. The locations of these select projects span from Tasmania and North Kimberly across to PNG, Cambodia and Peru, and, importantly, as part of our partnership, Allens will support the North Kimberley Traditional Owners, who have established a Savannah Burning Project.

The North Kimberley native title groups – Dambimangari, Wilinggin, Wunambal Gaambera and Balanggarra – and the Kimberley Land Council, have developed a project to provide North Kimberley communities with an economic boost while protecting the regionís biodiversity and reinvigorating Indigenous cultural traditions. Under this project, these Indigenous groups will conduct early season dry burns to prevent uncontrolled wildfires, improve the health of country, avoid the release of greenhouse gas emissions, and generate certified carbon offsets for sale.

Watch Doctor Erik van Sebille, an international expert in climate change, talk about climate change and de-mystify what is an increasingly important (although often misunderstood) topic.

This partnership aligns with a number of our 'In the community' programs and objectives. Allens has very strong environmental and reconciliation programs and, through our pro bono work, we have been supporting Indigenous projects for a number of years. Purchasing our credits in partnership with Qantas will provide us with another avenue to support Indigenous carbon offset programs in Australia.

Read more about the Qantas Future Planet program.

Becoming a certified carbon neutral firm

Allens has been committed to sustainability and to supporting the environment for more than 20 years, and our past efforts to reduce our carbon footprint resulted in Allens becoming a certified carbon neutral firm at the end of 2014 under the Federal Government's Carbon Neutral Program.