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Australian Intellectual Property for Chinese contacts and clients


Welcome to our Australian intellectual property webpage dedicated to addressing issues relevant to our clients and contacts in China. We hope that you find this information helpful in developing your future market in Australia.


IP in Australia 澳大利亚知识产权

The Questions and Answers (Q&A) fact sheets below provide an introduction to Australian IP matters, focusing on key aspects of IP in Australia. The information provided is largely based on enquiries that we have received from our colleagues in firms and companies in China, so please feel free to contact us if there are any matters of particular concern to you.

以下的问题与答复(问与答)针对澳大利亚和澳大利亚知识产权保护做简要的介绍,以期为您在澳大利亚开拓市场提供帮助。 问题与答复中的问题主要基于来自我们中国同行以及中国企业的咨询,欢迎大家就感兴趣的问题与我们作进一步的探讨。

The content contained in these fact sheets are intended to provide information only to our clients, contacts and associates. It does not constitute legal advice of Allens or any of its attorneys. Should you require advice please contact:


Chris Bird (柯鹏先生)
Partner, Allens Patent & Trade Mark Attorneys, Melbourne
Ph: +61 3 9613 8259

Trevor Davies (戴跃海先生)
Partner, Allens Patent & Trade Mark Attorneys, Sydney
Ph: +61 2 9230 4007

Allens Patent & Trade Mark Attorneys delivers a comprehensive patents, trade marks and designs service.


An integrated intellectual property service 完整的知识产权服务体系

When you operate in today's business environment, it is essential to engage the services of a professional firm of patent and trade marks attorneys.


Allens Patent & Trade Mark Attorneys is a leading Australian firm, delivering a comprehensive patents, trade marks and designs service. We can help you with:


  • searches; 检索;
  • advice; 咨询;
  • patent drafting; 撰写专利文件;
  • applications; 申请;
  • examinations; 审查;
  • oppositions; and 异议;以及
  • portfolio management services. 知识产权资产组合管理。

Working closely with the Allens intellectual property team, we also offer you licensing and litigation services, together with all the other legal services essential to the successful creation, acquisition and commercialisation and enforcement of your intellectual property.

在安德慎知识产权法律团队的密切配合下,我们还为您提供许可和诉讼服务,以及其它所有 对您的知识产权的成功创建、专利权的获得、知识产权商业化和专利权实施都至关重要的法律服务。

Our reputation 我们的声誉

Our reputation is built on the quality of our people and our unique mix of legal, technical and commercial expertise.


Each of our patent attorneys is qualified and specialises in particular fields of technology - giving them the essential insight into the key technical areas of your industries. We have particular expertise and extensive experience in the fields of:


  • biotechnology and pharmaceuticals; 生物技术和药学;
  • computer science and internet applications; 计算机科学和因特网应用;
  • applied physics; 应用物理学;
  • general and mechanical engineering; 普通和机械工程;
  • chemistry; 化学;
  • mining technology; 采矿工艺;
  • metallurgy and materials science; 冶金和材料科学;
  • agriculture and food science; 农业和食品科学;
  • applied medical and veterinary sciences; and 应用医学和兽医学;以及
  • telecommunications. 电信。
Regional filings and global strategies 地区申请和全球战略

We are a truly regional firm, with offices in Melbourne and Sydney. We also operate through Allens law firm offices in Brisbane and Perth, as well as throughout Asia. We practice directly before the intellectual property authorities in Australia, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea to obtain intellectual property rights on your behalf.

我们是地区性事务所,在墨尔本和悉尼设有办事处。我们还通过安德慎国际律师事务所在布里斯班和佩斯以及分布在整个亚洲的 办事处处理业务。同时,我们还可以在澳大利亚、新西兰和巴布亚新几内亚直接代理您的知识产权业务。

Our international network of connections is crucial in ensuring you get the very best service in the management of your global intellectual property portfolio. We act for many overseas clients and maintain close links with numerous international associations, enabling us to maintain best practice standards at the very highest level.


More Information 更多信息

For more information about our people and services, please go to our English webpage For any enquiries, please contact us.

我们的英文网站 进一步提供有关我们的人员结构、服务和收费事宜。 欲知详情或有任何疑问,请与我们联系(链接)。


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