Vietnamese legal translations

For nearly 20 years Allens has been recognised as the premier provider of legal translation services in Vietnam. 

From our extensive collection of over 4000 English translations of Vietnamese laws, we've made available a selected sample covering a wide range of subject areas relevant to foreign investment and beyond.

From investment to infrastructure and competition, our key translations of Vietnamese laws span the breadth of corporate and commercial interests.

Should you have any queries on these laws, please contact our team.

PDF (1.14MB): Law on Enterprises

PDF (556KB): Law on Investment

PDF (526KB): Law on Public Private Partnership [PPP] Investment Form

PDF (965KB): Law on Securities

PDF (752KB): Law on Labour Code

PDF (357KB): Law on Cybersecurity

PDF (481KB): Law on Competition

PDF (609KB): Law on Bankruptcy

PDF (1MB): Law on Construction

PDF (1.1MB): Law on Land