Real Estate Due Diligence

Intelligent automation that reduces the time and resource burden of lease reviews.

Due diligence is a complex, and critical stage in any commercial real estate acquisition. Involving comprehensive reviews of leases in short timeframes to identify the extent of potential risks relating to the target assets.

Our award winning solution, REDDA, recreates the logic of a human lease review through a guided application, automatically detecting key risks and pushing that information into our platform for data analysis and reporting.

How we can help

Contract analytics

Use AI and machine learning to identify 60 key terms and provisions automatically across each lease.

Knowledge automation

Translating legal precedent into business logic in an expert system which allows for the extraction of lease data in the most efficient way.

Reporting and collaboration

Access results in real time using the online reporting and analysis platform, providing our team and clients with over 35 pre-programmed reports.

Benefits for your business

Reduce costs without compromising quality

Using REDDA means a flexible and consistent process which reduces costs by 20- 30%.

Get to the facts faster

Take advantage of the power of automation for faster turnaround times and early visibility of material issues.

Results when and how you need them

Bring teams together on one platform to access real-time results and flexible reporting options.