COVID-19 in the spotlight: insights & analysis

For many in Australia's business community, responding to COVID-19 has meant quickly addressing numerous critical issues against an uncertain and evolving backdrop. Throughout this period we've worked closely with our clients, many of whom are systemically important to Australia's economy, to address their most critical legal questions and help them navigate the challenges they faced. COVID-19 remains, above all, a human and social issue, that has necessitated significant changes in the way everyone goes about their daily lives.


COVID-19: your questions answered

A summary of the most pressing questions asked across the business landscape in the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic is below. Select tiles below to jump to the relevant section or view all COVID-19 questions.  Please note this COVID-19 Hub is no longer being updated but will remain online for those that find this reference helpful.

Allens online learning: deep dive webinars


Signing documents in a pandemic: what to do when signatories are isolated or scattered

Join Diccon Loxton as he discusses the complexities of signing important documents in this rapidly changing landscape. Diccon shares practical solutions to help businesses adapt and remain compliant. 

Filmed 19 March 2020




Impacts of COVID-19 on superannuation, funds and banking

As COVID-19 continues to disrupt Australia, financial institutions are working with their customers to support economic stability. Join Geoff Sanders, Michelle Levy, James Kanabar, Penny Nikoloudis, Marc Kemp, Nicola Greenberg and Simun Soljo as they discuss the key issues. 

Filmed 7 April 2020